Scary Bunny NFT’s

we have over 10,000 NFT’s to choose from.

Scary Bunny Mint

Each user can mint up 31 NFT's from the 10k collection And 2 NFT's from special collection

Scary Bunny Stake

NFT staking gives rewards in BNB
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Q4 2022
  • Socials media set up
  • Audit & KYC - SAFU
  • Team recruitment
  • Website Development
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Crypto Influencers
  • Partnership with press release platforms
  • Marketing campaign Organize
  • Community growth and development
  • Creation of NFT
  • Dashbaord Release
  • Mint page Release
Q1 2023
  • CMC Listing
  • CG Listing
  • Avedex Listing
  • Dextool Trending
  • CG Trending
  • Starting Game Development
  • Game Trailer
  • Article Publish in gaming platform
  • Waitlist of game only 1k users
  • Alpha Game Release
  • Testing Game with waitlist Users
Q2 2023
  • Dao Platform
  • Dao to check if game is good to release
  • Game Promotion from Youtube Gamers
  • NFT integration in game
  • Pushing 1% Tax of buy sell in Game Pool
  • Beta Game Release
  • Increasing Waitlist Users to 5k
  • Testing Beta Version for some month’s
  • Stable Game Release
  • More info Soon...
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